This is a site about graphics cards NVIDIA GeForce, You can find the detailed information about the entire line of graphics cards NVIDIA for personal computers and laptops.


NVIDIA Corporation is one of the largest developers of graphics cards and processors. Under the brand NVIDIA are also produced with advanced chipsets. The company’s products are sold under the names of several known brands. Among them are: GeForce, Tesla, nForce, Quadro, Tegraand ION.

Development company focused on improvement and improving the quality of 3D– and 2D-graphics, sound, and broadcast pictures. The advanced technology of NVIDIA can be used for any platform, including workstations, laptops, game consoles, mobile PCs, etc. worldwide suppliers and electronics manufacturers prefer high-speed graphics cards and powerful processors NVIDIA.

Date the company was founded in 1993. Today the company has representative offices in almost all major cities in the world. The user departments is done from the main office, which is located in the state of California (USA) in Santa Clara.