NVIDIA has released GeForce Experience 2.0.1

Features of GeForce Experience 2.0.1 release

This update contains important bug fixes for GameStream including:
  • Improve the security of OpenSSL for remote streaming GameStream on SHIELD
  • Improve the quality of streaming
  • Reduction in audio latency

Download GeForce Experience 2.0.1

Features the release of GeForce Experience 2.0

  • Added support for laptop-based solutions GeForce GTX
  • Added support for recording in full screen mode
  • Added resolution recording 1920 × 1200
  • The key combination Alt-tab will pause, and you will not stop recording
  • For video folders are now created when saving the video, not during startup of the game
  • Added options to configure the streaming quality of Twitch
  • Streaming Twitch automatically gets the name of the game
  • Streaming Twitch preserves the aspect ratio of recorded video
  • The ability to stop and resume streaming
  • Fixed error processing the password
  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to disable the on-screen indicators
  • Improved audio quality through a microphone
  • Function support Wake-on-LAN: move your computer from sleep mode remotely
  • Support remote log in: log in remotely from the device SHIELD
  • The ability to manually add games to the GameStream list
    • Go to Preferences –> GameStream
  • Support remote streaming (beta): Send games from my PC to SHIELD from outside your home
  • GameStream support for notebooks (beta)
Bug fixes
  • Fixed problems with stability, and fixed many bugs.

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