Overclocking graphics cards with GPU Tweak

Brand ASUS GPUTweak allows you to safely make overclocking and monitoring Your graphics card Asus based on Nvidia graphics chips. In addition to Asus graphics cards can make monitoring and crackdown on not only its own graphics cards, but it is worth considering that the ASUS graphics cards will be available exclusive features and buns.

GPU Tweak

The ASUS GPUTweak utility has a great functionality that allows you to control the frequency of the GPU, graphics card, control the rotation speed of the cooler.
The functionality of the utility is a monitoring system that allows real-time to monitor the frequency, voltage, temperature and many other parameters.

Download ASUS GPUTweak utility is available for free on the direct link below.

Download ASUS GPUTweak

File size: 24,75 MB
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2003 Server

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