GPU Boost 2.0

In this article we will tell You what is GPU Boost 2.0.
GPU Boost 2.0 technology was created by engineers NVIDIA. Technology allows you to programmatically control the temperature of the graphics card.
This means that upon reaching an acceptable temperature GPU GPU Boost 2.0 can increase productivity, i.e. to disperse it.

GPU Boost 2.0
GPU Boost 2.0 appeared after the launch of the GTX 680, when the company’s engineers NVIDIA received research data of hundreds of users and determined that the temperature of their graphics cards more was an inhibitor to performance than power consumption.
The first time the technology GPU Boost 1.0 was created in order to video card could consume more energy in demanding games, while the importance of the role of the temperature on the GPU was assigned by the wayside.
This technology had major flaws, as is often the maximum frequency of the graphic chip was determined on the basis of the relative voltage, which in turn often led to the fact that the temperature could be excessive.

GPU Boost 2.0

GPU Boost 2.0 embodies all of the features of the first version, however, it is possible to install a higher voltage, which allows a significant increase in graphics performance.

More information about GPU Boost 2.0 and download at this link.

PS Users mistakenly think that GPU Boost 2.0 can be downloaded. But this is a hardware, not download

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