Video cards for laptops – what to prefer?

The Graphics capabilities of modern computers in recent years has increased significantly, so when choosing equipment it is very important to at least superficially understand the varieties of graphics cards. This device is responsible for the correct display photo and video files, allows you to work with graphic applications, playing games, enjoying a gorgeous color and sharp picture, and perform many more tasks related to the preparation and display of graphics. What graphics card for laptops exist today? There are three types:

    separate (discrete);



Let\’s talk more about each variety.

Discrete graphics card
Discrete graphics card

Discrete VGA mainly used in notebook computers designed for graphics work, and gaming product lines. It is a powerful device, whose performance allows you to work in data-intensive applications. Greater capacity is possible thanks to the built-in module to the microprocessor, which is the main part of the graphic data processing. This reduces the load on the CPU of the laptop, but increases the power consumption. Some cards, under heavy load the CPU, allow the system to connect your CPU to process data not related to graphics. Of course, such possibilities affect the price of the laptop.

onboard video card
Built-in video card

The core of integrated graphics is integrated with one of system devices, and therefore it is called “built-in chipset“. Integrated cards is very limited, this can significantly reduce the cost of the laptop. In the cheapest graphics cards of this type does not even provide a having its own memory, its role is performed by the RAM of the PC. However, the performance of such graphics modules need to work with office programs and the integrated chipsets are often used in budget PCs, laptops and netbooks, designed to work with the documentation.

Hybrid map is a device that combines discrete and integrated graphics adapters. It can work in different modes, depending on the specifics of the actions that the laptop needs to perform at a specific point in time. For example, to work in the Word or Excel enough power built-in module, but if you want to include the game, the system will turn on the discrete card. Maps from NVIDIA this task is performed by a technology Optimus. Such selectivity greatly saves the energy consumption.

Video card applies to components, from the level of which depends directly on the price of the computer or laptop. Unlike a PC, replace in laptop graphics adapter is very difficult, so the type of device you need to decide to buy equipment. Most modern games require a powerful graphics card, quality graphics are required if you plan to work with professional software for creating three-dimensional graphics and programs for processing video.
For home movies, watching movies and films, image processing will be sufficient built-in module of a good level. And the price of the laptop with this graphics card will be much lower.

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