GeForce 340.43 driver (BETA)

NVIDIA released a fresh beta drivers GeForce 340.43.

New beta drivers GeForce 340.43:

• Driver for playing games – this beta driver 340.43 games provides the best gaming experience for games GRID: Autosport and Battlefield: Hardline Beta.
• SLI technology
• Podcast 3DMark Skydiver – added profile
• Battlefield: Hardline – added profile
• Elder Scrolls: Online – added profile
• LuDaShi Benchmark – added profile
• Wildstar x32 version – added profile
• Dark Souls II – updated profile
• Gaming technology
• Supports GeForce ShadowPlay .
• Function support GeForce ShadowPlay Twitch Streaming.
• Support for NVIDIA GameStream.
• 3D Vision
• Supports new 3D compatibility mode for 3D Vision that improves the quality of 3D in many games with support for DirectX 10 and 11.
• Profiles compatibility 3D
• Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea (DLC) – the game received a rating of “Excellent”
• Banished – the game received a rating of “Good”
• Krater – the game received a rating of “Good”

Download the GeForce beta driver 340.43 from the links below:

Date of issue: 17.06.2014 Version: 340.43

Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce

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